San Antonio (May 25, 2017) – Today the San Antonio City Council voted for much more than a barge contract.  With the awarding of the San Antonio River Walk barge operations contract to Go Rio, our City Council cast a vote to preserve the heritage and unique beauty of San Antonio’s cherished River Walk, while at the same time promoting progress and diversity.


We want to say “muchísimas gracias” – a heartfelt thank you to Mayor Ivy Taylor and the San Antonio City Council for placing your faith in and your support of a local, San Antonio partnership of two Latina businesswomen, Hope Andrade and Lisa Wong, and our operational partner, Landry’s.


We especially thank Mayor Taylor, who recognized that the first evaluation process was less than perfect, and then took the bold step to reissue the contract bidding process.  We applaud her and the City Council for standing their ground and adhering to everything our City has worked so hard for to ensure that local, minority- and women-owned businesses have a chance to contribute to San Antonio’s great future. 


When a unanimous Council approves the rules for public bids, you should follow them; we appreciate the Mayor’s and City Council’s support and their belief in our ability to fulfill our promise of creating a memorable River Walk experience that will make San Antonio proud.


As important as the River Walk is to the City of San Antonio, we know it is just as significant to its citizens – a treasured place of memories, fun, celebrations, traditions, and family.  We know that because we, too, are San Antonio.


On behalf of Go Rio team, we once again express our absolute respect, appreciation and “gracias del corazón” for having selected Go Rio to take San Antonio’s River Walk into the future.


It all starts on our River!